Sunday, February 18, 2018

Work Shops

This Fall I will be offering several oil painting workshops designed to introduce aspiring artists to the oil painting medium and an opportunity for experienced painters to deepen their insights and understanding in developing stronger compositions and gain fresher more confident results in their work.

Watch this page for more details on when and where these worksops will be offeered. Contact me on my cellphone number 406-249-2782


These workshops will enhance the artists knowledge of the basics of oil painting while exploring key elements that will further each participant’s growth as an artist. Those looking to infuse new energy into their art will gain a deeper knowledge of how to confidently design and execute a painting that looks fresh and spontaneous. Through demonstrations, I will share insights in color harmony, solid design, and making each brushstroke count. Individualized instruction will help each student reach their personal goals 

Come prepared to loosen up, paint bold and create paintings full of your own spirit– and if you don’t have your own spirit, we’ll find it! You’ll learn about composition, light, color and value as well as how to make every brush stroke count. There will be plenty of time for individual instruction, demos, group critiques and camaraderie. 




Upcoming Events

Shafers Restaurant

Shafers is one of Bigfork's newest resturants in Woods Bay and features an amazing chef. They also feature some twenty of my paintings—both Western Wildlands and Western Ranch Life. For a special treat find your way to Mountain Lake Lodge for a culinary and visual treat.  

Home Gallery and Studio

I spent nearly three months this winter painting every day from about 10am to 6pm at the Arizona Art Expo. I joined 100 other artist displaying work and painting each day. My motive was to explore a fresh "voice" in my painting style while concentratiing on pursuing an increased "Impressionistic" view. It was an invaluable experience and as a result I finished about 35 new works. These pieces can be viewed at our Home Gallery and Studio at 546 Grand Drive, in Bigfork. Give me a call and we'll make an appointment for you to come by. The works will also be hung on our deck overlooking Bigfork Bay the first weekend in August at the Bigfork Festival of the Arts. 

Stumptown Marketplace

Twenty of my paintings are featured in the Stumptown Marketplace in Whitefish throughout the summer.

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